Saiyok View

Saiyok View

First impression
The beginning of tender memory occurs when the raft is drag along Kwai Noi river, unforeseen natural art, primitive lift range and beautiful scenery is reveal to your memory dream. Hearing whisper of the jungle desire to touch an unique experience of stream ventur into middle of the forest by trekking to Sai Yok waterfall. Pure bath and cool currence refreshing your’s energy.

The upstream string of barge accommodations is elegantly moored at a river curve surrounded by limestone mountains and forests. A central raft functions as a clubhouse with visitors’ rafts joined together with ropes on either side. Adorned with garden plants, the lodges also boast balconies upon which you can relax and contemplate the river as it flows by.

As darkness crept in, the floating lodge is dimly lit with lamps. You can sit on deck peering out into the shadows of the night which is as dark as pitch. From time to time you could hear the river murmur underneath. The serenity is interrupted once or twice by the roar of a few long-tail boats carrying late arrivals up the river in the darkness.

In the evening, the heat from the scorching tropical summer abated slightly. After midnight, the really cool air materialised, providing a refreshing treat before dawn.

Boat Rental :

Boat trip to any location within 45 minutes
Boat trip to Sai Yok Yai waterfall
Boat trip to Lawa cave
Boat trip to Pakseang pier

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