All of the courses are good, but it is generally accepted that the top six in Pattaya are Laem Chabang, Burapha, Natural Park Hills, Natural Park Resort, Bangphra and Khao Kheow. In Chiangmai – Green Valley, Royal Chiangmai and Chiangmai Lamphun are very good and the courses in Chiangrai, Santiburi and Waterford are 2 of the best in Thailand.

Asian groups generally favour an early tee time, and European groups between 10.00am and 11.00am, the courses are quieter after 10.00. For small groups it is quite practical to tee off as late as 1.00pm then the round is finished as the day cools down.

The price includes 18 holes of golf, the caddie fee and transfers to and from your hotel or starting point.

The caddies would expect a tip, and rely upon that for their income. Though a tip is very much “up to you”, the minimum should be around 200 baht.

Some caddies learn their trade very well and can help you with your game, but the main reason you need them to follow you round is to repair your divots and ensure that the course stays in top condition.

In this climate buggies do make the game more relaxing, they are compulsory at 3 courses in Pattaya, Laem Chabang, Burapha and St Andrews 2000 (at St Andrews 2000 they are single use). The caddies can also drive them for you if you wish to walk the fairway. Buggies do not slow play as they can do in other countries.

Dress standards in the past were minimal compared to other places, now Thailand is falling in line with other countries. You will be expected to wear shirt with a collar, tailored shorts (not tennis shorts or swimwear), appropriate footwear and socks.

Most courses do not allow metal spikes anymore, so you should have soft spikes or similar. Golf courses do hire shoes if you do not have the correct footwear.

Coco Golf has a selection of clubs available for hire if you have not brought clubs with you. Most golf courses also hire out good quality sets of golf clubs.

A handicap certificate is not required to gain access to any of the courses; however knowledge of golf etiquette and general good manners on the golf course would be expected.

When you arrive either our driver or representative will handle your booking and present the relevant paperwork or vouchers to the starter or caddy master. Generally your booking will have a set start time and you will be expected to be on the tee a few minutes prior to that time. It is a good idea to confirm your approximate departure time back to Pattaya with your driver if you plan to stay on at the course after finishing your round for a meal or refreshment.

Still relatively new as a golf destination, generally people are unaware of both the quality and value of Thai golf, most courses are championship standard and have been designed by the very best golf course architects. The Thai caddies add to your enjoyment and make your round relaxing. On a lot of the courses there are rest stations every three (or so) holes where you will find liquid refreshment, snacks plus washroom facilities.

Generally they are excellent with everything you could ask for in a clubhouse. Superb shower and locker facilities and good restaurants. Some of the cheaper golf clubs are still using temporary clubhouse buildings; however the actual golf courses are very good.

Depending on which Tee you use, the difficulty varies. The courses around Pattaya are all challenging, none are easy. At some of the courses there are large water hazards that require a long and straight carry. If you prefer open courses with wide fairways maybe Burapha, Natural Park Resort or Phoenix are good choices. If you prefer the harder courses try Natural Park Hills or Khao Kheow all difficult and in prime condition. For overall luxury as a golf facility Laem Chabang is one of the best in Asia. Ideally try as many courses as you have time for they all vary and have their own appeal.

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