Pandaw River Expeditions

You can now book Pandaw River Cruises through Coco Golf, an amazing experience and great addition to your Golfing Holiday! Many different cruise destinations including Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, Laos and China.
There are twelve beautifully crafted Pandaw ships in operation, each ship,hand finished in brass and teak by traditional craftsmen and are in themselves objects of great beauty.
The ships offer luxury and comfort in a colonial character and friendly atmosphere. All the Pandaws have ultra shallow drafts and can travel to remote areas, which would be unreachable by other vessels, let alone overland.

Many different cruises to choose from operating all year round.
Destinations: Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China, Thailand, South America, India, Africa & Borneo.

Pandaw Cruise Ship

Explore hidden Burma

Discover the secrets of Vietnam & Cambodia

Discover the magic of Laos & China

Contact us if you are interested in joining a Pandaw River Cruise & would like to view a full list of tours and itineraries (there are many!)