The Chiangmai OASIS SPA

The Chiangmai OASIS SPA

Come away…unwind and relax…rejuvenate and indulge yourself at the Chiangmai Oasis Spa. Come into an exotic world of beauty, serenitty and pleasure. Choose an individual treatment that is perfect for you to spend an hour or an afternoon. You will enjoy a complete menu of treatments and therapies, scrubs, wrap’s, facial, foot and body massages, Jacuzzi and stream baths, and much more. Using theraputic thai herbs and techniques both ancient and modern. The trained specialists gently coax you to a state of better health, beauty, and tranquility. For a spa experience like no orther. Allow us to pamper you in your own private garden villa orchestrated to delight all your senses.

Spa Packages

Lanna Style : Warm the body with THai Traditional Massage following with a Thai Herbal Hot Compress Massage then Finishing with an Aromatherapy full Body Oil Massage 2 hours 1,900 Baht

Oasis Pampering : Body Scrub, Aromatherapy Oil Massage and Cucumber Facial 2.5 hours 2,700 Baht

Hair Spa Package : Hair Spa Treatment with Avocado Oil and Pro-Vitamin B-s, Body Scrub, Aroma Hot Oil Massage 2.5 hours 3,800 Baht

Ayurveda Package : Beginning with a slow pouring of warm oil on your forehead to relax you and continues with a thorough scalp massage, following with complete Traditional East Indian Style warm Oil Massage 2 hour 3,900 Baht

The Pasradise of Oasis : Thai Herbal Steam, Body Scrub, Thai Herbal Clay Mud Wrap, Thai Herbal Hot Oil Massage and Mineral Mud Facial 4 hours 4,600 Baht

Oasis Experience : Thai Herbal Stream, Body Scrub, Morocco Red Clay Body Wrap, Aromatherapy Facial 4 hours 5,700 Baht

Lanna Explorer : Thai Herbal Stream Thai Herbal Body Scrub, King of Oasis Massage and Lanna herbal facial 4 hours 6,500 Baht